Instamatic 2014 (design concept)

Tech Specs



Kodak Instamatic 2014

Instamatic 14w Instamatic 14 Instamatic 15 Ultra
2014 2014 2015
CCD 14MP 14MP 16MP
Lens Type PixPro 24-140mm f/3.9-5.9 PixPro 24-140mm f/3.9-5.9 PixPro 24-260mm lens mount, f/2.4-5.3
Zoom 4x Optical Zoom 4x Optical Zoom 10x Optical Zoom
Lens mount - - Micro 4/3
Max. Resolution 4288 x 3216px 4288 x 3216px 4608 x 3456px
Display 4” Touch Screen 4” Touch Screen 5” Touch Screen
Video H.264(MOV) 720p HD Video @30fps 720p HD Video @30fps 1080p Full HD Video @30fps
Flash Type Single LED RGB LED LED Grid
4G LTE connectivity -
Android 4.2
Micro SD Card
Internal Memory 512MB 512MB 8 GB
Micro USB
Micro HDMI - -
Dimensions 116.3 x 60.1 x 12.3mm 116.3 x 60.1 x 12.3mm 132.3 x 84.2 x 22.6mm
Expected price range ~$199* ~$249* ~$349*
Pre-order Pre-order Pre-order

* Prices and technical specifications are subject of change for product launch


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The INSTAMATIC 2014 Camera - Phone is a design concept by IDIDIDD for Eastman Kodak Company and this product is not available for sale. Materials and artworks on this site are NOT showing actual product by Eastman Kodak Company and are intended to be used only as a case study for potential market release. This website is operated by IDIDIDD and is not affiliated with Eastman Kodak Company. KODAK and INSTAMATIC are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. Designed by IDIDIDD. © 2014 All right reserved.