Instamatic 2014 (design concept)

Pure Kodak


Evolution of one legend

50 years of photography innovation continue

In February 1963 the Eastman Kodak Company introduced Instamatic 50 (UK) and Instamatic 100 (US) cameras. That`s how the largest consumer photography’s revolution started. Simplicity of loading and unloading the film in a camera and a one-step process with drop-in film cartridge changed the consumer photography forever. The whole new line of Instamatic easy-to-use cameras created a phenomenon. More than 50 million Instamatic cameras were produced between 1963 and 1970 and there were very few American households without an Instamatic. With Instamatic 2014 this legendary Instamatic story continues. Simplicity is enhanced with contemporary technology, new features are bringing the heritage of all the previous Instamatic camera. That`s pure Kodak. No imitations. Feel the authenticity of the legend.



Unique Instamatic features and interface design

Unique Instamatic 2014 user interface brings you all legendary Kodak products on simple touch. Choose your favourite Instamatic model, shooting mode or film material. Taking digital photos with Instamatic 2014 is simple and again more surprising. Use the viewfinder again or shake the phone when shooting to get the right “lightleaks”. That makes your photo experience more enjoyable than ever. Bit of analog surprise with Kodak Instamatic 2014. Tell your future story of life in true past looking images. Right now.


Simplicity of the Instamatic cameras enhanced

The simplicity evolution continues with the unique Instamatic 2014 interface. Friendly camera interface gives you full visual control over the image look . Simply choose your prefered camera model and associated film material. Then use your imagination and adventures to shoot astonishing images. Authentic images by Kodak.


Live preview

Enjoy the digital versions of all these legendary Kodak Instamatic products. Use the choosen Instamatic camera model and shoot your own story with this innovated digital vintage tool. See the live preview of current camera settings. Start to create your own legend.


Select from many of unique Kodak filters – authentic photography materials available for your current Instamatic model. Or you can shake camera to add the random postproduction. Create your unique style. That`s alive digital photography by Kodak.


You can share your final art photo to any network you want, Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook,..etc. Or just backup to Kodak Cloud services or print online. Instamatic 2014 comes with built-in WiFi and 4G LTE module to stay connected with friends. It`s still the Android smartphone too, right?


All Instamatic cameras at once

Authentic photo filters from all previous Instamatic models (and other Kodak products) makes your image collection truly unique and more personal. Simplicity of Instamatic`s interface continues also in digital age.


The Kodak heritage

See a nice overview of Kodak Instamatic models. That`s how the history went.


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