Instamatic 2014 (design concept)



Powerful camera and cell phone

Enjoy these unique features for your comfortable mobile life

Quality lens technology, hi-res CCD, camera vintage look, authentic Instamatic images and incredible simple interface based on Android OS core. And still in touch with people through smartphone. These are the great benefits of using Instamatic 2014. Finally you will look at the world through the viewfinder again. And you will love it.



HD movies with true vintage look

Use all the past Instamatic cameras also for your video uploads. Wanna shoot with old 8MM Instamatic M6 camera (1967) your summer adventure? Just try all the unique M6 features on your Instamatic 2014. Pure digital. Pure legend.


Full featured Android phone

Instamatic 2014 is powerfull smartphone also. It`s running on Android 4.0 core with customized Kodak front end user interface layer. This gives you potential of thousands of various applications from Google Play store. You can communicate by apps, phone or twist to camera mode. All the camera settings are also accesible in “Phone” mode through the Kodak app.



Customized Instamatic interface

The evolution of simplicity goes forward with Android customized Instamatic UI layer. This gives you more intuitive control over your Instamatic preferences, camera, film selection process and other great features. That`s brand new potential to your creativity and sharing.


The INSTAMATIC 2014 Camera - Phone is a design concept by IDIDIDD for Eastman Kodak Company and this product is not available for sale. Materials and artworks on this site are NOT showing actual product by Eastman Kodak Company and are intended to be used only as a case study for potential market release. This website is operated by IDIDIDD and is not affiliated with Eastman Kodak Company. KODAK and INSTAMATIC are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. Designed by IDIDIDD. © 2014 All right reserved.