Instamatic 2014 (design concept)



The Legend Reborn

Phenomenon of Instamatic cameras continues

Instamatic 2014 brings you the next level simplicity of legendary Instamatic cameras made by Kodak. This new product brings you the authentic Instamatic feeling merged with modern technology. This synergy of exciting Kodak Instamatic history and new modern features makes this product really special. Feel the Kodak heritage with Instamatic 2014.



Camera with Phone

This device brings you powerful digital camera combined with Android based cell phone. This gives you amazing mobile experience. Just shoot the right moments of your life with Instamatic camera and Android phone at once. These two most useful mobile devices right to your hands. Just simply twist between “Camera” mode or “Phone” mode. That`s Instamatic 2014.


Simple switch

Are you more into taking photos or using network…? Simply twist the lens cover and choose what you wanna do. Switch between Instamatic “Camera” and smart “Phone”. To quickly start shooting, it’s just so simple.


Enhanced flash grid

Innovation continues. Also with the flash. Instamatic flash light gives your images extra colorful touch. Various flash color is mixed by LED grid of different type on various models (1 RGB led, 3 RGB LED, LED Grid). This impressive additional feature gives your party photos really unique look.



Evolution of simplicity with real viewfinder

Shooting through real optical viewfinder has been never so popular again as with Instamatic 2014. Wherever you are, simply look into your camera to shoot the approximate angle. Enjoy a bit of surprise and a completely new classic camera experience. You can also see the colormodified Instamatic live video preview on display. That`s The New Classic camera. Instamatic 2014.


HD camcorder

Taking photos or shooting movies is really simple with Instamatic 2014. Front-side physical slider gives you handy control over all the shooting modes. Tell your story. Get the authentic colors of Instamatic videos.


Unique trilateral lens cap


The INSTAMATIC 2014 Camera - Phone is a design concept by IDIDIDD for Eastman Kodak Company and this product is not available for sale. Materials and artworks on this site are NOT showing actual product by Eastman Kodak Company and are intended to be used only as a case study for potential market release. This website is operated by IDIDIDD and is not affiliated with Eastman Kodak Company. KODAK and INSTAMATIC are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. Designed by IDIDIDD. © 2014 All right reserved.